The Benefits of Playing Mobile Games Over Console Games

Mobile gaming is without a doubt one of the fastest growing industries on the planet right now and it’s almost on equal terms with console gaming with regards to revenue. There are many reasons why this might be but it’s clear to see that consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One are not going to be having it their own way anymore.

This is not to say that these consoles will soon become worthless, as there is definitely still a market for games that like to play at home on their televisions. However, the speed at which mobile technology is evolving and the huge improvements in the games that are now available might just convince some players that it’s more cost-effective to stick to mobile gaming instead.

When you weigh up the costs of consoles, the games you need to buy and any other peripherals that you might need, it can come to a very large amount of money. Mobile gaming, on the other hand, can be achieved with any mobile device whether a low cost one or one that is top of the range.

With all this in mind, we have come up with a number of benefits that mobile technology and mobile gaming has over that or consoles and console gaming.

Cheap to Buy Up Front

One of the most noticeable benefits that mobile gaming has over console gaming is the initial cost involved. We all know how expensive the best console games are to buy and while this is a one-time fee, it can be a lot of money to have to stump up. On the other hand, mobile games are either free to buy or need just a small amount of upfront investment at the different Play Stores.


Are you able to carry your console around and play with it on the go? Absolutely not, so this is another strong benefit for mobile gamers. Whether you’re waiting for a train, standing in line in the bank or on a lunch break from work, you’re able to pass the time with a mobile game of your choice. With a games console you’re restricted to playing at home only and while you might have better graphics and a bigger screen, this is still a big drawback.

No Need to Buy a Device

Most people already have a smartphone that they would have bought for calling and texting and for their other purposes. Playing games is usually a secondary use. This means that players do not have to buy a new device whereas console players have to first buy the console. The main purpose of a games console, as you would expect, is to play games.

Cheaper Over the Long-term

We already touched on how mobile games are cheaper up front but they also work out cheaper in the long run for most people as well. Console games are getting close to the $100 mark now while mobile games cost very little or nothing at and are free to play as well. Of course, some of these games on the free to play model do allow players to make in-game purchases for a bit of an advantage but purchases are not required.

No More Fighting for the Television

We’ve all been there when we want to play some games on the console but the wife or children are already using the television! Apart from going out and spending a ton of money on another television, there is not a lot you can do apart from beg, argue or steal to get it back. Whichever method you choose will no doubt end in arguments anyway and your games session will be ruined.

Everyone Can Play Together

Everybody has a smartphone these days, right? Now count how many people there are in the world. In fact, it’s been said that by the year 2020, the number of people that own smartphones will be in the billions. This means there is a huge player pool of potential players for you to join when you decide you want to play. While there are plenty of players on consoles as well, the numbers just cannot compete.

Much Shorter Games Created

What we mean about this, is that many games that are designed for mobile devices are designed in such a way that they can be played in short bursts. Think about it, most people are going to grab a few minutes here and there while on a break or waiting for a train rather than playing stints for hours on end. Some games, of course, can be played for longer overall sessions but races/battles/levels are generally designed to be short and just a few minutes required.

Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Yeah, we’re clutching at straws a little bit with this one but if you think about it, it’s correct. Playing games on your already charged mobile device is using no electricity whereas playing your console will need electricity to power it and electricity to power the television as well. So who’d have thought it, playing mobile games actually helps the environment!


Mobile gaming has always been cheaper and more convenient than games consoles but now as technology improves, there is soon going to be an argument that the quality of games might be getting a lot closer to what these high-powered consoles can offer. At least close enough to make some players consider whether a large investment into a console is even worth it anymore.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this all takes shape in the next few years, but one thing is for certain, mobile gaming is here to stay. Can the same be said about console gaming? Probably, but not in as commanding manner as once before.

Why Look for Technology Reviews

cpuaroundworld_alphaIt’s an easy question actually, but not everyone knows how to answer this one. What is actually represented by technology? Well, the answer is very easy – all you have to do is take a look around you and notice all the items that you constantly use – from phones and tablets, to cars and other electronics or appliances.

All these are based on technology and it’s important to know some of their traits before actually buying something for your own use. Let’s see some reasons why you really have to look for technology reviews and also how to do this.


First of all, when you want to buy something, you should want to know what others think about this product. You can look for information about phones, tablets, AV, TVs, car tech, gaming, cameras, computing, laptops, components, wearables, kitchen appliances or anything else that you could think of. Anything that needs to be plugged in to function (in your house, for example) is usually based on technology.

Because there are different brands and different producers and because people use now the online environment to express their likes and dislikes, the technology reviews will allow you to get more than just a superficial feeling for any of those products.

You’ll get to see firsthand opinions of those who have already bought and used the product that you’re looking for and you’ll see if it is useful for you or not.


Type of Reviews

There are two types of reviews. You could find professional written reviews, which you can find on dedicated websites that offer you only this type of content, or you can find the reviews directly on the website that sells the item. Those sellers who respect themselves and their clients offer them (for the clients) the possibility to leave a comment or a review once they’ve bought the item or directly on the page of that item.

The first type of review is the one that presents you with both ups and downs of the product, telling you exactly what to expect if you use it. Some have more strong points than others, while some of them are really not worth buying.

However, the reviews that you find on the websites that sell the item are a little more accurate, because people who write there refer to exactly that item. You know that there are different producers for a washing machine for example, but for a certain item, people will express their personal opinions about their experiences with that exact item, and not in general.

Finding the Reviews

If you want to buy something for example, and you don’t know if that item is worth spending money with, the best thing to do is to look for it online. You can use the name as keyword and you will get plenty of results.

technology-globeYou can also use the name followed by “reviews” and you’ll also get plenty of results, and now all you have to do is make a thorough research and read as much as you can about that item. The best thing to do is to not get limited with only one or two websites that present reviews or opinions, because this can be deceptive.

Look for as many websites as you can and see which opinion is prevalent, because there can be people who have had the misfortune of achieving a defective item, and if you stumble upon two or three of these opinions, you’ll think that every item from that producer is as bad or even worst and not worthy of achieving.

Once you’ve made a decision, you can also start looking for websites or stores where you can get the item that you want!