E-sports rise

E-sports is a Booming Industry Netting $905.6 Million

According to a new report researching the global E-sports economy, the industry is set to be worth $905.6 million by the end of 2018. This is largely due to the huge increase in brand investment that has grown by a staggering 48% this year. E-sports seem to be everywhere and are now even making their way onto the blockchain.

The current growth in the industry year-on-year is now said to be 38% according to Newzoo. Of that amount, 77% of the revenue is actually coming from sponsorship deals, which when you start to look at the number of people watching E-sports, comes as no surprise. Brands that are looking to gain more exposure in the general public are always looking for a new angle and as of late E-sports has been a major target.

Companies such as Red Bull and computer hardware brands are all getting in on the act. They have come to realise that gamers treat these new e-sport athletes as idols in the same way people admire their famous sports stars.
Another advantage of advertising within the E-sports industry is early brand exposure to the younger generation. With most e-sports fans naturally being less than 40, the chance for brands to advertise via sponsorship is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Figures suggest that sponsorships make up for $359 million of the total e-sports economy; while, advertising is going to contribute another $174 million. Tickets, as well as merchandise, will generate $96 million and on top of this, there is predicted to be another $116 million that is purely for investment coming from game publishers.

Then there are media rights, which suddenly companies such as Amazon who own Twitch are looking to gain exclusive rights to televise E-sports over the internet. This will bring in yet another $161 million.
These figures make up for a 38.2% rise.

E-Sports Viewers

To get an idea of why e-sports are being targeted so heavily, we can compare it to real life sporting events. Football and other sports are heavily televised with millions of sports fans watching the game either by attending or on TV. As a result, advertisers and sponsors know that their brand will gain huge exposure.

With research marketers always having their fingers on the pulse, it comes as no surprise that someone spotted the fact that e-sports is a booming industry on the online gaming scene.
Financial figures such as the latest viewership for e-sports will most certainly have tickled the interest of a number of brands that see advertising or sponsoring the e-sports industry the perfect match.

This year alone 380 million people will watch e-sports events. Remember, this is not people playing e-sports games! This is people that will come online specifically to watch professional e-sports players and teams participate in major tournaments.

Out of those 380 million people, 165 million will watch e-sports as much as a sports fan will watch their favourite sports event. The other 215 million will be occasional viewers. Overall, the average revenue that will be generated per fan watching e-sports is said to be $6.6 million in 2021. At present, that figure stands at $5.5 million, which is a 20% increase since last year.

It is important to note that advertisers are mostly targeting those viewing e-sports. Those actually playing in the game for fun are unlikely to be hit with advertisements for the time being. Although, the e-sports game developers might end up allowing advertising within their games eventually. Whether this would be welcomed by players is another matter.

As it stands, most games will show the fact that players can watch the pros play using live streams. The success of encouraging those that play the e-sports games to watch the pro games is exactly why the e-sports industry is booming. Even if some of these players that do decide to watch the pro tournaments do so only occasionally.

Regional e-sports Viewership
At the moment, the most popular region for e-sports audiences is Asia or APAC. Asia is well-known for being a gaming hot sport and especially in South East Asia where there is still a flurry of internet cafes that are designed to attract online gamers. At the moment Asia takes up a whopping 53% of the 165 million viewership of e-sports worldwide. That is a massive 77 million people in Asia, which for sponsors and advertisers is a market the size of the UK’s population.

The EU has the second largest viewership in the world. However, it is very much eclipsed by Asia with the EU only making up for 18% meaning only 38.7 million. Next is North America with only 14% of the total viewership, which is 20.3 million viewers in this region. Finally, the rest of the world makes up for just 15% of the 145 million watching e-sports coming in at 21.75 million viewers, so slightly above North America.

The reason so many people around the world are able to watch e-sports is that of the ease of being able to access tournaments being played. Sites such as Twitch TV can be accessed from around the world.
On top of this, commentators make the games feel so much more like a sporting event. A single e-sports game, especially if it is very a very popular game, will have multiple commentators from around the world. Therefore, a Thai viewer will be able to watch the stream and choose Thai language commentators.

With the option of being able to select the language of the commentator you want on the game, you are watching is the reason why e-sports viewerships have gone global. In the past, most of the time the languages were English, Japanese, Korean for the most part. Now we see Russian, Chinese, Arabic, a handful of European and South East Asian language commentators.

Are Free MOBA Games Worth Playing?

Today it seems that if you are a competitive gamer, the free MOBA games are not the way to go. I am talking about those mature gamers that have in mind a strategy that will win that person games. Unfortunately, free games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, appealing as they may be, are not the games that you should be playing. You are probably wondering why.

Kids or children is the answer. Children do not have the money to pay for games in general. They are also censored by their parents quite a bit. This is especially true if you are a gamer in Asia. If you consider countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Philippines, which are all developing countries are part of Asia, more specifically South East Asia, then most children do not have enough money to purchase online games or games consoles.

Instead many of these children will opt for online MOBA games that are free to play. Now kids being kids may have a natural talent playing computer games, but you can be sure that very few of them are team players

Now the idea of Multi-Player Online Battle Arena gaming is to play as a team. With so many children playing these games and that number increasing every day, the quality of free MOBA games is going downhill. Internet shops are springing up all over South East Asia and they are inexpensive. What’s more is these internet shops are a connection to the outside world for many underprivileged kids playing these MOBA games. 
Take into account all these factors and it is understandable why there are so many children playing free to play MOBA games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. 

How does the negatively affect the game?
With the increasing number of children playing these games, the bigger decline there will be I adult players. The reason for this is because most adults will grow tired of the same BS players turning up and ruining their game. I for one quit playing Dota 2 for this very reason.
Dota 2 was a great game at one stage. It still is in many respects bar one snag. No one seems to want to play a strategic game anymore. No one seems to even bother reading about counter picks, drafting, farming, and other aspects of the game that equate to a win. This is surprisingly a problem that is not just prevalent in the lower MMR section of the game, but all the way up to mid-level MMR. 
I tried League of Legends, which is not as good as Dota in my opinion, but I found pretty much the same issue with this game too. 
The game is negatively affected because players don’t play as a team anymore. They do not pick heroes or champions with the team’s best interests at heart. If a support player is needed, the other player tends to ignore this fact and still pick a carry, which effectively means your team is unlikely to win. 

What can these games do to stop a decline in their popularity?
Every MOBA games that is free should start to do a PEST analysis. This would really help them see into the future and understand how demographics and economical changes will negatively affect the popularity of their game. 

Option 1Create Age Group Brackets
One option would be to divide the game up into ager groups. Below 18-year-old players in one category, 18 to 25 year old players in another, and 25 years plus in another. This would open up a whole new competition within the game itself where the best players in each age group can battle it out against each other as well as improve the gaming experience for older more mature players that are side enough to understand the strategy behind the game. 
This is as opposed to being stick with a screaming kid on the mic that had not strategy or forethought for their actions. 

Option 2Force Drafts to Use a Support
Force players, particularly last picks, to be a support hero. Also, force that player to buy wards by encouraging that player to do so. For example, if by pick 5 all the other picks are carry heroes, then all carry heroes should be blanked out as an option and only available support heroes be available. This support should automatically buy the courier and 2 wards as a perquisite. That money should also come out of the support players total.
As the game moves on, players can be awarded 5 MMR if they buy the required number of wards from the shop as they become available. It doesn’t matter if another player buys them on behalf of the support as long as support has been buying wards.
There is still some lacking in a definite support here because heal items as well as dust plus sentry wards to spot invisible heroes and to deward opponents wards are not taken into consideration. However, some wards are better than no wards. 
These games earn enough profit to be able to figure it out. The alternative at the moment is to lose players like myself and many of friends who now play only paid games. My $100 a month budget on gaming is much better spent elsewhere!

Option 3: Make People Pay to Play
The only other way to get rid of all the kids is to make people pay to play the MOBA game. Now I know this is probably not possible and a little prejudice in all fairness. When I say prejudice, I mean it is not very fair on those that do not have the money to play. However, that does not mean that there cannot be a paid version versus a free play version of the game. 
To be honest the better idea would be to form age groups; although that comes with its own issues because it would be very hard to monitor people’s ages and you would be relying on their honestly. However, sending ID is not a massive deal, it is whether or not companies such as Steam, Valve, or Riot gaming would be willing to set up a team that would check this. 
Therefore, making people pay is the most profitable and cost-effective way of getting rid of the kids that are making their games go to down the tube. Having a paid version and a non-paid version would certainly help. Although you would not altogether avoid the young players running the game in the paid version, it would certainly cut out a large majority of them considerably enhancing the gameplay for older more mature players like myself.

How much money are MOBA games going to lose if they do not take action?
Put it this way, I used to spend about $1,000 a year on Dota 2 – battle passes, player kits, and more. Now I spend $0 a year. I have at least 10 friends that also no longer play and between them they spent at least $5,000 to $10,000 a year on Dota.

Why did they all stop playing? Because they got fed up with the kids that would ruin the game and negatively affect their MMR. Now if I log back on to my Steam account and look at the profiles of the friends I made while playing Dota and League of Legends, I can already see nearly all of them have not played a game for 3 months or more. This is basically because these games are free games and people have grown tired of the lack of initiative taken by these games’ producers to make an attempt to restore the game back to something that is worth playing again. 

4 Tips To getting the Right MMR When you Recalibrate

It seems Dota is regularly giving its players a chance to recalibrate these days. However, this does not come without its own problems. It does depend on what kind of a player you are, and getting your MMR to become above your previous rank is no easy task. However, there are some tips I can give you that I tried on 2 of my Dota account, and they worked well for me.
I say worked well – one of the accounts I probably won’t be playing for a while because I know the calibration is going to be very bad. The reason for this is because of tip number 1.

Play Support
I know it is frustrating playing support and sometimes very boring. The one problem with many of the games played during calibration is that everyone thinks that if they play support, they will end up losing out on MMR. Guess what? On my second account, I tried playing support throughout my entire calibration. In the end, I got 3,200 MMR.
On my main account, which I must add is no longer my main account, for the time being, I played carry because I wanted to get food XP and GPM. However, everyone else also picked carry which left me absolutely ruined because I was trying to share last hits with another carry in the lane. Needless to say, the games were messed up because my build was slow due to the lack of gold.
In the end, I thought, the only way to get around this is to play support. I had to use my second account to prove this theory. The end result was double my normal MMR. Work that one out!

Make sure your account has good conduct
Every 10 games Dota gives you a summary of your last 25 games. I had quite a few reports because I decided to blame a lot during my calibration games, which leads to point number 3 below. Basically although not something I can absolutely prove, if your account has too many abandons or reports, I believe Dota puts you in what is a negative pool.
What this means, I think, is that Dota puts you in a pool of other players with bad conduct. You are then playing with other players that are typing too much and complaining or likely to throw the game – if you are an experienced Dota player, you will know that you should never give up hope. This is a game that can turn around at any moment.
The best thing you can do before calibrating is to play normal games until finally, your account has a big green face and a thank you for your good conduct. Also, make sure that during your last 25 games that there are no abandons. This way you will be placed with other players with good conduct and you could end up playing versus five players with bad conduct that are likely to throw the game.

Try not to get reported
If you have already read point 2, then you will understand why it is important to try not to get reported. No matter how bad your team is, keep your mouth shut and just play. It may only be one game that you have what I like to call ‘idiot team members’. The moment you start to complain, you will lose XP, GPM, and ultimately potential MMR.

Practise your hero before you play
If you have an idea of the support hero you will play, then practise using that hero in a normal game (not rank). I actually practised 2 or 3 times with different supports to make sure I had a counter available should I need one. I believe the only time I didn’t practise was because the other team picked a Meepo, so I picked Winter Wyvern.
However, I had played this support hero a few games before, so it was no big deal. Needless to say, their Meepo had no control over the game, and never initiated after learning his lesson at least 5 or 6 times trying to gank with a Winter ulti there.
It is safe to say that there will be those surprise moments when you need a support hero you were not planning on playing in order to counter the opponent.

Prepare for Mass Exodus of Dota 2

The time is coming for Dota to lose the majority of its supporting players. With new free to play MOBA games coming out all the time and poor server planning from the Dota IT as well as Steam, Dota players are finally throwing in the towel. My Dota 2 Facebook group has dropped in numbers and nearly every one I knew who used to play Dota, which was around 20+ people, I only ever play with 2 of them online now. This is a huge sign that the days of Dota 2 are numbered.

For the most part, it is the lack of consistency with the servers that have discouraged many of my former Dota buddies. They have found other games where the servers are stable and there is no coordinator that crashed two to three times per week.

From what I am being told is that they are surprised that there are games out there that actually look after there IT systems to make sure players continually have stable connections. Dota 2 is not at all like this with the servers regularly down, disconnects commonplace, and the Steam co-ordinator is quite frankly a joke.

I love Dota 2, but when I hear of my friends finding games that earn probably not even a fraction of what Valve earns for Dota that are providing better IT, I begin to wonder. I have to admit it has been hard for me to give up Dota. It is one of those games you love to hate and it is so addictive. I think the Dota management team realise this and probably play on it instead dedicating their budget elsewhere.

With the amount of money that Dota does make, and having an IT background, I would take a wild guess and say that the IT team are under a lot of pressure working with a poor budget. That is to say that the budget is not enough to accommodate the large number of players that play Dota.

Maybe what this could be is a sign that even Dota know that their days are numbered. It is highly unlikely, in all honesty – more to the point is that Valve is penny-pinching. If that is true, then it is very shortsighted. However, maybe they don’t care because they have made their money already.

There are plenty of examples of large companies in this world that have been too complacent and lost their place in the industry. Kodak is one example as the company failed to see the new emergence of digital storage for photographs as well as the fact that print tech was also evolving and able to print photographs. Although, nowadays Kodak has done a good job of recovering from this oversight.

Probably a better example and a little closer to home as this are related to the gaming industry is Atari. Where did the company go? Complacency was also Atari’s downfall. Yet again though, after huge losses, Atari has made a comeback as the company managed to diversify into the online casino marketplace.

Valve will almost certainly face a similar issue. Currently, the latest battle pass may be suggesting otherwise as the Dota 2 marketing team attempts to encourage more people to sign up this year in order to surpass last year’s prize pool. The target right now is $20 million.


If Dota 2 does hit that $20 million target, it is highly unlikely with the current state of affairs and the bad reputation of the game that it will get past this figure again.

Another point worth noting is that even though numbers may seem to be increasing, this is mainly young kids trialling the game. Now I am a 39-year-old adult that plays Dota and all my friends are of a similar age give or take 5 years. We have jobs and money. However, the new generation coming through will be kids with no money and will rarely be able to make a decision to spend money on Dota.

Let’s face it too, most parents hate or even ban their kids from playing Dota because the game is so addictive. This is currently what the future holds for Dota. Those kids will be exposed to so many new games and new marketing techniques to encourage them to play the newer games, that eventually they will inevitably be dragged away from Dota.

Even if Dota does take a hold of the younger generation, they will soon find games that have better IT systems and take a preference to those games. Overall, it looks like this is the beginning of the end for Dota as no fix or solution to the huge number of IT problems in the game seems to be in sight. Or at least we can safely say the same old issues are continually occurring.



How Dota 2 Picks on the Poor and Favor the Rich

Dota 2 is run by a management team that are very almost Hitler like in the way they choose their to run their algorithm for player match making. The game designers have made sure that those that might DC a lot are matched with other players that DC. This is a fact and we have run tests that can prove this. In one case we made a DC on purpose twice and went through the Low Priority gaming and then did the same process – and guess what we found?

Almost every game after the DCs there was a DC on the team we were playing. Extraordinary that the other team did not have a single DC. This was run over the course of 6 games in which we managed to win one of those games miraculously enough thanks to a steaming Axe.

Poor People Are The Most Likely to DC

At the end of the day, the ones that are being put in these unfair contests are the poor. They are the ones with bad internet or regular electricity blackouts in their neighbourhood. Using 2 different account we can prove this with consistent results in our testing.

This is a huge oversight by Dots because the esteemed game is inevitably going to drop out very soon. The latest battle pass now in action is trying to beat 2017s, but our prediction is that the downfall of Dota 2 has already begun.

Numerous people we know that used to play Dota are now looking or have already found other options. This is basically because Dota has obviously designed their matchmaking to favour certain types of players.

Now although you can see why management might be taking this hard line on players that DC a lot, but it is arguably racist and unfair for those that do not have a lot of money. That is to say that those with not enough money to have a consistent internet connection are being singled out to lose even if they do happen to a have a period time of no blackouts to their internet.

Why is Dota being so unfair and prejudice?

Now it would be OK if their algorithm matched up 10 players (5 on each side) all of whom have low account conduct ratings due to DCs/abandons. However, we have concrete evidence that the makers are not doing this and instead matching teams of 5 with high account conduct ratings versus teams of 5 with low account conduct ratings.

For this reason, our entire team of 12 has boycotted the latest battle pass – we have stopped Dota in the office and all made a pact to never spend a penny on such a prejudice system. In turn, we would like to encourage people to boycott this unfair regime.

It is absolutely outrageous that a game as big as Dota has made such poor decisions in its match making pools. No matter what you do to tell them that they can easily match poor account conduct versus poor account conduct account instead of make matches one-sided just fall so death ears.

Let’s Spell it Out – stop picking on people with not much money

Many people that play Dota do not have a lot of money. Dota is great for those that have no money because it is free. This is how the game management or decision makers must be justifying their reasoning behind make matched so one-sided.

Instead what they probably do not realise they are doing (largely due to arrogance) is that they are luring the poor and then throwing mud at them by allowing those with more money to walk all over them. Why? Because it is the poor that generally have the bad internet connection and are being placed into these matchmaking pools that allows those with virtually no chance of a DC to play in one team (the rich or those with money) to play versus those with a high chance of a DC on their team (those with not much money).

A quick adjustment needs to be made to the algorithm and it needs a lot of people to club together to make Dota management see that whoever is calling the shots is being prejudice or is just plainly and simply suffering from a lack of intelligence. As a result, that person should not even be in the position to make these poor decisions.

Video Producers Help Your Profit Percentage

When it comes to making money from the YouTube subscriptions, you will have to follow a lot of strategies. Once you are successful in implementing these policies, the number of followers will increase automatically.

These plans are time tested and will never fail you. One need not pay any money for uploading the clip on the portals. But if the clip succeeds in creating a massive ripple in the online media, then the portal will give you money as more and more people like and subscribe to your channel. So, opting for the time-tested and planned online business strategies will end up benefiting you and your channel.

Significance Of Gathering Co-Operation Online

 Let us face the raw facts. Getting so many people to like your video is not a mean task. You will have to remember that you are not a celebrity who has millions of fans. There are so many people that you will be able to reach out to during your first few ventures.

 As time passes by and the word spreads that you upload matter that is worth viewing, people will not subscribe to your channel or like the video. So, what is the way of attracting the eyes of a higher section of online audiences?

The answer is simple – get into a partnership with another online video producer. It will assist you in two ways. As the other video producers have their own set of followers, these people will also check out the video that you have posted as it is linked to the person they are originally following. Thus, your video will end up getting more number of likes and subscriptions.

The next advantage is that as soon as you get connected with another content creator, they will recommend your video and your network in their videos and urge people to join your channel. Thus, you will get the positive outcome without doing anything. You will get free publicity. If the content creator has a loyal base of followers, then be sure that you will get many subscriptions in a very short time. So, get in touch with as many featured channels and content creators as possible.

Interacting With Your Followers And Subscribers

You will fail to gather a lot of fans and subscribers if you are not aware of their requirements. The platform of YouTube also performs on the concept of demand and supply. If you want to attract all the limelight and millions of likes and an overwhelming number of subscribers, then you will have to provide what the people are looking for. Interesting content and an attractive narration is the only way to attract free YouTube subscribers.

As the number of people, following your channel increase, you and the content that you have uploaded will become more popular. It will assist one in hogging all the limelight. As people talk about the content and share it on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, your chances of spreading out to a wider audience base will increase. So, take all the necessary preparations for ensuring that your content is up to the mark. It is the only method for you to make money without even moving a finger.


About the new iPhone

Welcome to the Future

IPhone has always been a style statement and one of the most used luxury brand when it comes to phones. It is noticed that with IPhone comes a status symbol, with the launch of IPhone X people, were thinking where IPhone 9 went as Apple launched X just after 8. This made the old joke alive again that probably 7 ate 9.

When it comes to IPhone X what makes it amazing are the following:

• User friendly

 The new IPhone X is user-friendly as anyone can use it. It is up and running the moment you open your device. It does not need an instruction manual; it is just a beautiful phone with a beautiful design.

• More capable

 Consumer friendly and helps in doing multitasking at a time. It helps you scroll through your photos, media and other apps at the time and also smoothly operates the function without delay.

• Hardware and Software

 The hardware and software of the phone work together to give a dazzling effect to the user. It’s smooth and efficient which makes the IPhone X a better choice for everyone. The software supports its hardware to get a better result in every way possible. The camera itself is one of the best features as it has auto exposure and shutter point which helps you gives a better quality of picture and video.

• Augmented Reality

 The best feature for the gamers is the AR games provided which gives you real essences of the game played by the user. A gamer will be satisfied with his phone as it helps him to get into another world of gaming.

Apps available for the new iPhone

Features and App

• Display

This IPhone has an entire screen as a display which means that the device will disappear into the experience. This IPhone will literally interact with you as it can easily predict your tap in the way you will touch your phone it will respond accordingly. It will recognize your voice and even just a look at it.

• Screen

The screen of the new IPhone X is 5.8 inches which makes you feel like your hand is filled however it is worth it as its technology and techniques are better than the rest. It is all curvy with the rounded corner. It also has OLED screen which regulates the color and brightness of the phone according to its contrasts taking a specific ratio. It has the face identification factor which means that the sensor and camera are very powerful. It is made up of most durable glass which makes it dust and water resistance also it has a wireless charger. One more feature is that you can create your own gestures so that next time you make a gesture once registered will work likewise.

• Camera

The camera consists of a dual 12-megapixel camera which makes the deeper pixel. It also has a new telephoto camera. It does the precise facial mapping that helps in effective studio quality picture. It has the mechanism to stabilize the cameras i.e., front and rear. It enables the user to zoom a picture up to 10x without the picture getting pixilated and the same can be done the videos as well of about 6x.

• Processor

It has the new A11 bionic which looks like a small chip but it is powerful and smart. It has about effective 4 cores which are about 70% faster than the older version. Which is A10? Physical changes will not change its core. Plus this time the face recognition can grasp the small changes in the face so a user can access the phone with the changes in the slight appearance.

• IOS11

The Animoji helps in the messages which make Siri play the music which you want to hear and it helps you find new available songs with the help of Apple music. It also helped in making the gaming experience the most amazing. It supports the mind-blowing augmented reality games.

 Overall IPhone X is built with various different features that make it an amazing phone. The consumer can have maps that give you the exact location of your place, it automatically picks the schedule from the conversations and saves it in the calendar which helps the user to book schedules. It personalizes your phone by picking up the training app that is frequently used.

Also, it helps in the security of the phone as it has facial recognition and touches recognition which enables the phone to be fully personalized. IPhone X gives a user the feel of luxury as it has do not disturb feature which records every phone and messages without disturbing the user. It also has the facility for easy sharing; now a user can share the information with another user with just a click. It is good at making IPhone more customized and user-friendly. An IPhone user is a person with a status symbol.

Apple is no wonder the king when it comes to phones as they stand by their tagline every time they arrive they do “think different.”

Did you know you can get an online gaming coach?

People hire coaches for all kinds of sports, from basketball to chess, so why not for MOBA gaming? Therefore, it should not really surprise you that you can hire an online gaming coach too, if you partake in MOBA gaming.

While the basic premise of MOBA games, at least in a deathmatch, is to destroy the enemy’s base before they do the same to yours. However, these games may not prove to be as easy and simple as they seem, especially if you intend to participate in tournaments. Fortunately, as long as you are willing to pay, there are actually plenty of gaming coaches that you can hire for assistance, guidance and training.

As MOBA gaming has become more and more popular, the number of gaming coaches has also grown. They charge a fee to teach you how to succeed and win at MOBA games. It probably sounds a bit odd to hire a coach to receive video game lessons and it is only natural to be skeptical about it.

However, if you were not as good at basketball or chess, you would probably hire a coach to improve, right? Hiring a gaming coach is not any different. If playing MOBA games really is your favorite activity or hobby, and you want to become better at playing them, then there is no reason to hesitate from hiring a gaming coach.

Most, or at least many, of these coaches offer private, one-on-one coaching. Gaming coaches are actually not something new. Back in the â€80s and mid â€90s, you could call up Nintendo’s Game Counselors, who served a similar purpose. It may seem hard to believe, but players who have hired gaming coaches have claimed and vouched for the fact that their rink in a certain MOBA game rose after they received lessons. Many have even claimed that their gameplay experience and performing improved measurably ever since hiring a coach.

These are skilled players that you can hire to log into your account and boost your LOL rank – check ths out. However, ultimately, you will not learn anything unless you watch the games played by the booster, which on the exmaple op-boost site you have a backend tool in which you can do this. If you ever decide to participate in a tournament, you will be matched with better players. For skilled players, offering boosting services is an easy way to earn money, but you want to put some effort into becoming more talented at playing MOBA games, it is not really worth it.

Moreover, while this not always the case, a player who avails a boosting service may also get punished for it, if it is discovered, since essentially someone else is playing on their behalf through their account. Of course, this is not the case with coaching. Your gaming coach will not play for you or on your behalf. Instead, your coach will guide you and training you to become better, even one of the best, at your favorite MOBA game.

Thus, there is nothing unusual or wrong about hiring a gaming coach. If you are as passionate about MOBA gaming as many people tend to be about different sports, then hiring a coach can definitely enable you to acquire the skills necessary to keep on winning.