There are many ways a person keeps themselves busy and online gaming is one of the best ways to do so. It keeps a person involved and helps in making the best of the free time. The best thing about online gaming is that it helps a person grow. When it comes to online gaming it helps in strategic thinking which means that if a player plays a game and with the game, they build up the strategy to win the level and get into another level. It also involves problem-solving. A better problem solver is generated with the online gaming as they keep the game in check and if any problem occurs they figure out ways to solve it and thus an online gamer is an effective problem solver. There are times when you need to focus on the angle of the camera to see where you are going plus to keep the character in motion thus one need a very effective hand-eye coordination and online gaming help in building up one. It also helps in being a team player as one can be a team player with the effective way of knowing what the teammates want and acting accordingly to reach the common goal. Thus online gaming leads to cultivating the team skills. Another thing that helps in online gaming is spatial awareness which means that the online gamer looks into the surround and thus need to make the character move. It also enhances the creativity of the person who is into online gaming as most games force the player to play a game and into their creativity to cross a level. Thus a gamer does everything to get to another level with whatever he/ she got.
However, people, who are into the online gaming they suffer from obesity and other health issues as it is a sedimentary activity. People do not move for hours and thus they keep accumulating fat. Also, it keeps you aggressive as there are many games that are aggressive in nature which means it has battle combat and everything which lead to an aggression. Last but not the least the negative aspect of online gaming is real-world interaction which means that the gamers are so consumed with gaming that they do not involve in interaction with normal people. They think that talking to people is an ask and thus likes to restrict their thoughts on message boards of the online gaming links.
Some online gaming is fun for kids as it helps in developing all the skills. There are four online games with the animal character as the protagonist.

It has a ninja rabbit who involves in a brutal combat. It is an amazing game that is developed by wolfiregames. This means it has advanced ragdoll physics and it is designed for modders. It has a great resolution of about 2048 x 2048 and has realistic effects. It is dynamic placement and has modelling tool of the advance landscape.

Snake Pass
It is a game that enables the user to take full control over noodle the snake as he tries to collect the relics. This is a game that is basically based on physics and puzzle. In it, the player controls the snake called Noodle who cannot jump. It can only slither all around the place. In order to install the game one should have windows 8, must have a memory about 4 GB and it should have a graphics card and should support the storage of about 10 GB.

Justice Beaver
It is a small detective game that allows a user to be a beaver and solve mysteries. It is a run-and-gun platform which consists of SNES and WIIU eshop.

In this game, the main protagonist is the shark of skyhook which is played by multiple users and they fight using the grappling hooks and the player escape from it. They hope through platform shoots, cannonball and Pilot Mountain etc.
So there are much more games that help the user to get play and also get closer to nature. The common thing about these games is that they have an animal protagonist which allows the user to have an interface with the animals and feel friendly towards them. A child playing the game would do anything to protect anyone whom you love the most. If we allow the children to play the games then they are to be allowed only when they have completely known to take care their games. The animal games keep the kids interested in the game and the best part is it can be played by both the kids and adults. Overall it is seen that online gaming had made a person efficient enough as it cultivated all kind of games and the brain has learnt to cultivate a good and effective gaming strategy by the player so that they can win the game.