Dota 2 is run by a management team that are very almost Hitler like in the way they choose their to run their algorithm for player match making. The game designers have made sure that those that might DC a lot are matched with other players that DC. This is a fact and we have run tests that can prove this. In one case we made a DC on purpose twice and went through the Low Priority gaming and then did the same process – and guess what we found?

Almost every game after the DCs there was a DC on the team we were playing. Extraordinary that the other team did not have a single DC. This was run over the course of 6 games in which we managed to win one of those games miraculously enough thanks to a steaming Axe.

Poor People Are The Most Likely to DC

At the end of the day, the ones that are being put in these unfair contests are the poor. They are the ones with bad internet or regular electricity blackouts in their neighbourhood. Using 2 different account we can prove this with consistent results in our testing.

This is a huge oversight by Dots because the esteemed game is inevitably going to drop out very soon. The latest battle pass now in action is trying to beat 2017s, but our prediction is that the downfall of Dota 2 has already begun.

Numerous people we know that used to play Dota are now looking or have already found other options. This is basically because Dota has obviously designed their matchmaking to favour certain types of players.

Now although you can see why management might be taking this hard line on players that DC a lot, but it is arguably racist and unfair for those that do not have a lot of money. That is to say that those with not enough money to have a consistent internet connection are being singled out to lose even if they do happen to a have a period time of no blackouts to their internet.

Why is Dota being so unfair and prejudice?

Now it would be OK if their algorithm matched up 10 players (5 on each side) all of whom have low account conduct ratings due to DCs/abandons. However, we have concrete evidence that the makers are not doing this and instead matching teams of 5 with high account conduct ratings versus teams of 5 with low account conduct ratings.

For this reason, our entire team of 12 has boycotted the latest battle pass – we have stopped Dota in the office and all made a pact to never spend a penny on such a prejudice system. In turn, we would like to encourage people to boycott this unfair regime.

It is absolutely outrageous that a game as big as Dota has made such poor decisions in its match making pools. No matter what you do to tell them that they can easily match poor account conduct versus poor account conduct account instead of make matches one-sided just fall so death ears.

Let’s Spell it Out – stop picking on people with not much money

Many people that play Dota do not have a lot of money. Dota is great for those that have no money because it is free. This is how the game management or decision makers must be justifying their reasoning behind make matched so one-sided.

Instead what they probably do not realise they are doing (largely due to arrogance) is that they are luring the poor and then throwing mud at them by allowing those with more money to walk all over them. Why? Because it is the poor that generally have the bad internet connection and are being placed into these matchmaking pools that allows those with virtually no chance of a DC to play in one team (the rich or those with money) to play versus those with a high chance of a DC on their team (those with not much money).

A quick adjustment needs to be made to the algorithm and it needs a lot of people to club together to make Dota management see that whoever is calling the shots is being prejudice or is just plainly and simply suffering from a lack of intelligence. As a result, that person should not even be in the position to make these poor decisions.